and Heme Perfusion Merger

FORT MYERS, FL and LINCOLN, NE –, Inc.  and HEME Perfusion, Inc., leading providers of outsourced perfusion services, have announced the merger of the two companies creating a premier solution for perfusion staffing, capital equipment procurement, and perfusion supply chain management.  The merger is effective January 1st, 2018, and the companies will combine business operations in the coming year operating under the brand with corporate offices in Fort Myers, Florida.

Bryan Lich CCP,’s founder and CEO, has been appointed the CEO of the new combined company.  Michael Springer CCP, President and founder of HEME Perfusion, will serve as Executive Vice President.  The joint company will be home to more than 100 professionals, providing client hospitals a collective offering of traditional perfusion and blood management services with patient outcome-oriented design.

“ was founded on the premise of continuously evolving with the constantly emerging perfusion trends. This has allowed us to offer our partnered hospitals the most cutting-edge strategies that fulfill each facility’s unique perfusion needs,” said Lich. “Today, the perfusion world demands constant evolution and as our clients’ needs shift, so will we.  Michael and the HEME Perfusion team are the perfect group of entrepreneurial-minded partners to expand our collective offerings and provide clients the truly integrated perfusion solution we know is required in today’s healthcare climate.”

“We celebrate this significant milestone as we formally join the family and merge with our highly-regarded peer,,” said Springer.  “Combined under the umbrella, and with HEME’s sterling reputation, we will draw on our combined decades of experience to push the boundaries of service innovation and remain focused on delivering outstanding service and capabilities to our industry.”

Lich continued, “ is a growth company chasing an enormous opportunity ahead of it. Our employees and partnered hospital have been the DNA of our success and we’re excited to add the talent, experience, and the offerings of the HEME team.”

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