Interview Template

  • Enter the date the interview is scheduled to start.

  • Enter the end date of the interview if it spans multiple days. If only one day, just enter the start date again.

  • Enter the name of the person responsible for coordinating the interview.
  • Enter the email address of the person responsible for coordinating the interview.
  • Enter the phone number of the perfusion responsible for coordinating the interview.

  • Enter the name of the hospital(s) or location(s) where the interview will take place.

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  • Enter the name of the airport or airport code that is most convenient for the candidate to fly into.

  • Describe the best place for the candidate to park when they arrive for the interview.

  • Describe exactly where the candidate should meet you.

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  • Will meals be provided for candidate during the interview process?

  • Enter any other instructions for the candidate here.

  • Please detail the agenda for the candidate's visit to your location including who they will be meeting with and the approximate meeting times.

  • Please attach any additional files that may be helpful to the candidiate's on-site interview.

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    Accepted file types: pdc, jpg, docx, doc, png.
  • Additional Information for your Interview:

    Note: Interview expenses are normally reimbursed up to $500.00. We realize this is typically not enough to cover all the interview expenses, but this is our mechanism to ensure that only serious candidates attend "on-site" interviews. If you are hired, we will fully reimburse the remainder of the interview expenses. 

    Once the on site interview is complete, please submit your expense report by email to Normally, we will contact you within 3-5 business days after the interview to let you know your status as a candidate.

    If you have any additional questions, please contact our human resources department at 888-499-5672.