Sanibel Symposium Exhibitor Survey 2017

  • recognizes the valuable relationship we have with our vendors. The products and services displayed at Sanibel Symposium go a long way in introducing new ideas and providing contacts to our attendees that meet current or future needs. We believe our vendor partners enrich our conference and we are committed to insuring their satisfaction. As part of an ongoing improvement process we would appreciate your feedback on your experience at the symposium.

  • Please rate the following aspects of your experience at our conference

    Ease of registration
    Keeping you informed of what to expect at the conference
    Availability of hotel rooms
    Size of booth physical space
    Location of booth space
    Ease of delivery for exhibit materials and equipment
    Participant traffic at booth
    Ease of breakdown and removal for exhibit materials
    Providing value for the money
    Responsiveness of committee to your needs
    Responsiveness of Hotel Personnel to your needs
    Availability and ease of electrical access
    Availability and ease of internet access
    Amount of booth time allocated for exhibitors
    Quality of content and subject matter
    Overall satisfaction with conference
  • Very UnlikelyUnlikelyNeutralLikelyVery Likely
  • Please provide any suggestions you have to make the exhibition more effective for you next year?

  • Please provide any additional comments you have here.