The Sanibel Symposium & Mechanisms Have Joined Forces

Fort Myers, FL, June 1, 2017–, sponsors of The Sanibel Symposium, and SpecialtyCare, sponsors of Mechanisms, have entered into a joint venture with the objective of making The Sanibel Symposium the largest perfusion-focused and cardiac-related conference in the world.  Now entering its 7th year, The Sanibel Symposium is widely regarded as an elite conference […]

A Brief History of

Twenty years ago, was founded by Bryan V. Lich, who was then a perfusion student at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, Texas.  The idea for the company was spawned as a student project and was an endeavor to create an online forum for perfusionists all over the world.  The initial focus of the company was to provide information […]

An Introduction to Perioperative Blood Management


Introduction  The necessity of blood conservation and the avoidance of using Allogeneic blood (donor blood) has grown tremendously in the past few years.  The danger of using banked blood has been recognized and there is a growing move to find new ways to conserve blood.  There is inherent risk of transmitting certain diseases and immunosuppression is […]

Establishing a Quality Blood Management Program at an Institutional Level

I was at a dinner meeting not too long ago with a group of colleagues that were seasoned perfusionists. The question came up about my role in Blood Management with Before I could answer, another perfusionist responded “Oh, that’s setting up an autotransfusion program.” Another time, one of my physician champions and I were […]

Hospitals look to limit transfusions

FORT MYERS, FL — Blood transfusions are among the most common medical procedures at U.S. hospitals, but when it comes to this lifesaving treatment, more is not always better. Patients receiving too many blood products — blood, plasma, and so on — are more likely to experience medical complications, including infections and organ damage. A […]