A Brief History of Perfusion.com

Twenty years ago, Perfusion.com was founded by Bryan V. Lich, who was then a perfusion student at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, Texas.  The idea for the company was spawned as a student project and was an endeavor to create an online forum for perfusionists all over the world.  The initial focus of the company was to provide information services, foster academic research and improve professional communication. This objective was achieved, as the website quickly became popular among the perfusion community.

In 1998, Perfusion.com began providing temporary perfusion services on short-term notice to hospitals throughout the United States.  The demand for this service grew steadily as the cardiac surgery climate evolved in the late 1990’s.  During this time, we continued to develop our website, which became the leading informational resource for the world’s perfusionists.  We also published The Manual of Clinical Perfusion, which is now an integral part of the didactic curriculum at every perfusion education program in the United States.

By 2002, Perfusion.com was well established as a provider of short-term perfusion services.  In response to market demand, the service base expanded to include long-term perfusion service.  Our corporate mission, “to provide the highest quality perfusion services to our patients and customers” was the foundation from which our continued growth in market share was attained.  This mission remains upheld via company-wide commitment to quality and realized through a proactive management team, skilled clinicians, an evidence-based approach to practice management and ultimately through positive clinical outcomes.

Perfusion.com has grown organically over the years, and today our portfolio of services has grown to encompass equipment sales, marketing services, conferences, ECMO, employment services, software solutions and perfusion services.  In addition, members of our management team provide consulting services and are frequently requested to serve as expert witnesses in legal matters involving cardiopulmonary bypass.  Perfusion.com occupies a unique position in the industry, as it is both an informational resource and a fully capable service and equipment corporation.  We firmly believe that our diversity is our strongest asset, allowing us to offer a board range of value-added services to our customers and insulates our core business from the inevitable changes facing the cardiac surgery market in the future.

There have been few companies that have survived unscathed during the last fifteen years in this industry with their original structure and leadership intact. With the global support of the perfusion community and a highly organized and motivated management team, Perfusion.com will continue to grow and evolve for many years to come.